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    1. Flying Your Drone
    2. Aerospace Maintenance and Safety
    3. Advanced Aircraft Performance
    4. International Aerospace Issues
    5. Corporate and General Aviation Management

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Journal Articles/Whitepapers

    1. Emerging Technologies: Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in the Realization of Vision 2030 Goals in the Counties International Journal of Applied Science & Technology, Vol III No. 8, Dec 2013
    2. Roadmap towards Regional Airspace Management
    3. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Meeting the Challenges of Millennium Development Goals
    4. Exploring the Need and Viability of a Small Satellite Programme for Less Developed Countries
    5. Challenges in Aerospace Security in the Post 9/11 Era: Moving towards Effective Solutions

Magazine /Newspaper / Blog Articles

Magazine Articles

    1. Liberalisation: Airlines should focus on their core business. World Airnews, April 2019
    2. Mandatory baggage handling questions: cultural sensitivities. Aviation Security International Feb/Mar 2019 Download PDF

Newspaper Articles

    1. Potential benefits aside, the use of drones should concern us all Daily Nation, July 30, 2018 pdf
    2. State should provide new and bold aviation policy Sunday Nation, June 24, 2018
    3. Air tragedies: A few lessons we can learn from last week’s plane crash Sunday Nation, June 10, 2018
    4. Engineers should lead way in innovation Daily Nation, September 10, 2018
    5. If fossil fuel is too expensive, go for ‘green’ biodiesel Daily Nation, October 08, 2018
    6. Regulator should rein in utilities gone berserk Daily Nation, December 04, 2018

Blog Articles

    1. Space agency makes tentative steps to spur industry
    2. Twiga’s vantage view of the looming decimation in the savannah
    3. Barking up the wrong tree in aviation security
    4. Software is the sword of Damocles hanging over aircraft security and safety
    5. Entrepreneurship and careers in aviation
    6. Aeroplanes losing their way in the sky – why it happens
    7. Accident investigations focus on cause, not blame
    8. The Boeing 737 MAX 8: Taking no chances with technology
    9. Kenya Airways should focus on core business, forget JKIA
    10. InSight Mars landing is a wake-up call for local space activity
    11. Passenger drones: Moving from ride hailing to flight hailing
    12. Sleeping through the drone revolution
    13. Why the Single African Air Transport Market is welcome
    14. Five airlines face sanctions for flouting aviation regulations
    15. Kenya Airways in Inflight Entertainment (IFE) services deal with Panasonic

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