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Aerospace Insights curates for you all information on the regional aerospace industry in one place. 

Links to the latest aerospace news.

Aviation Trivia

Useless pieces of information on the aviation industry.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unmanned aerial systems are the modern disruptions in the aviation industry. 

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Online courses to provide you with general information in popular aviation topics.

Aerospace Articles

Articles on issues of interest in contemporary aviation.


Convenient bookings for your flights.

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Travel Tips

The space in the aircraft cabin is decreasing in size as airlines continue to try inserting ever more seats in the cramped space. Economy class has been the most affected. How do you maintain a basic level of comfort and sanity even as you compete with fellow passengers for ever-diminishing elbow space on the seats?

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Flying your Drone

Flying a drone is a regulated activity due to safety, security and privacy concerns. We strongly advise you to familiarise yourself with the local regulations that are in force in your location before getting your drone into the sky. 

Consumer Protection

Passengers are the reason for existence of airlines. Passengers are affected by issues of lost baggage, service disruptions and safety issues among others; only a quarter of the airlines report on customer complaints generally and just 10% of the airlines give details about lost baggage.